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Author Archives: Harriet

What Is the Most Cost-Effective Home Heating Method?

The most effective and, consequently, the cheapest home heating method is different for every home – here are some of the most important criteria to bear in mind before deciding which of the available systems and fuel types would work best for you:

  • Heat delivery requirements – the first thing you need to calculate is how much heat you will need a month based on the size of the home, insulation thickness and quality, air tightness and the temperature variations typical of the climate zone where your home is located.
  • Fuel costs – based on the amount of the heat that you need, you can calculate the quantity of the fuel you need and you can assess monthly heating and cooling costs based on fuel prices in your area. The most common fuel types used for home heating are propane gas, oil, electricity and wood and the price of each of them varies regionally, but each of them can be designed to provide maximum efficiency.
  • Equipment costs – heating and cooling equipment prices vary based on the fuel used and on capacity. The larger the heating/cooling unit, the more expensive and electrical devices are usually more expensive than the units powered by other fuel types.

If you are relying on propane fueled heat this winter, propane delivery Denver services from Enviro-Gas will be happy to support you needs,


Starting A Career In Construction

If you consider a career in construction, know that anytime is a good time to begin and that there is more than one path to choose. Whether you are still a student or you already have a degree but think about building a second career, the construction industry offers options according to your lifestyle and interests.

Educational Requirements

You can register as an apprentice, which means that you will combine classroom coursework with onsite job training and get some money for it. This period will last a few years. Alternatively, you can try finding a job as an entry-level worker; this way, you can start learning the basic skills required in constructions.

If you are a prospective construction manager, you must consider completing a certification program or getting an associate degree. You will receive training in all areas of construction, through theoretical courses, lab sessions, field experience and research opportunities, with some additional requirements, such as business, accounting and management techniques. You can also get specialized in particular building technologies.

You can consider jobs in transportation that may support the construction industry as well. You may find a propane Brighton delivery job is something you are interested in.

When you start a career in construction, remember to be patient, because it takes time to advance to higher positions. Work hard, be passionate and reliable, and keep learning and improving your skills.



Advantages of a Propane Gas Fireplace

Propane is versatile and although most people associate it almost exclusively with gas grills and ovens, it is actually used for many other purposes, such as outdoor heating, house generators, water heating, home heating, fireplaces and more.

A propane gas fireplace comes with numerous advantages.

First, it can be installed both indoors or outdoors, because propane tanks can be buried or safely installed anywhere. It has a high heating efficiency, which means that it is definitely not a simple decoration; practical and safe, gas fireplaces are real heating systems with adjustable thermostats. They are a perfect alternative for people who want to enjoy watching and feeling the flames by using only the remote control and without experiencing all the inconveniences of a wood fireplace (wood supplies, stains, smoke in the house etc.)

This type of fireplace also gains when it comes to design, integrating successfully into modern homes. Additionally, the flames produced by a propane gas fireplace are almost identical to the ones in a traditional fireplace, due to the use of realistic ceramic logs.

Non-ventilated propane gas fireplaces do not need air-vents and are incomparably easier to maintain than wood fireplaces, which makes them more convenient for people who do not have so much free time.

If you are in need of a scheduled propane tank refill in the Denver area, please contact Enviro-Gas!

The Advantages Of Heating Your Home With Propane

Generally, propane constitutes a reliable alternative for heating your home, mainly due to being safe, efficient and versatile.

Propane, also known as liquefied petroleum gas, is a high-energy option, being rated higher than gasoline. It has no color and no odor. Its odorless property may be a surprise for some, because we are used to associate propane with an unpleasant smell; however, this smell is caused by an odorant added to the gas, in order to be detected in case of leaking, before accumulating and becoming dangerous.

When it comes to powering a home, propane is more efficient than electricity; for example, it will reheat the water in a hot water tank in about 20 minutes, while electricity will take about an hour for the same task. It also produces minimal emissions, does not contaminate the environment, therefore, it is considered a clean fuel, safe for the environment.

Propane is not knocked out like electricity, and emergencies are considerably rarer. You will not be left without your heat source when you need it most.

Propane tanks are no major concern, considering that they are buried, in most of the cases; they are also very resistant, comparing to gasoline or ethanol tanks.

If you are using propane to energize your home in the Denver area, contact Enviro-Gas Colorado propane delivery for all your service needs.

Tips For Hiring Quality Construction Workers

Statistics show that there is a shortage of construction workers these days, which makes it quite difficult for top construction companies to find and hire quality personnel. These shortages may apply to other building and construction delivery  service personnel as well. However, difficult means not impossible.

Here are a few tips.

  • Evaluate the needs of your particular company and create detailed job offers. When advertising your job opportunities, be very specific about the construction/delivery field in which your company activates, as well as about the level of training and experience that you are looking to find in prospective workers.
  • Keep building relations with potential workers even if you hired already the number of people that you needed. Someone may become unavailable unexpectedly, not to mention that in constructions you often need extra hands, so try to have a backup plan, meaning a list with a few trusty, available (temporary) workers.
  • Check the certifications and the references provided by workers, during the job interviews that you organize. These details provide you clues about the professionalism and the potential of these workers.
  • Try to be a company that people want to work for. Before being demanding with others, make sure that you are doing your best to invest in your reputation, stay organized, prove efficiency, stimulate your workers and make them feel appreciated. Not least, offer them security.

We hope these tips offer you help. If your business is in need of trained propane delivery Denver service personnel, please contact us!


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