Skunk found in Brighton just tested positive for rabies

As a Colorado propane company, we want to ensure that all of our customers as well as employees are safe, especially when animals like these are roaming around. 

The Weld County Health Department on Thursday confirmed a skunk captured in Brighton was infected with the rabies virus.

The skunk, captured May 19 on an elderly couple’s property in Brighton, was seen walking in circles and may have been blind, according to a Brighton Police Department news release.

The Weld County Health Department determined the skunk needed to be tested for rabies, and those results came Thursday.

The skunk is one of 42 animals that have tested positive for rabies in Colorado this year, and many of those have been in Weld, according to the release.

Officials recommend residents keep their pets up to date on rabies vaccinations.

“The rabies virus is deadly to our beloved pets and can also be transmitted to people with tragic results,” according to the release.

Officials further recommend contacting animal control and keeping safe distance if residents see unusual behavior with animals.