Propane for your farm

Farmers across Denver rely on Enviro Gas to provide affordable, efficient and reliable propane service. We understand your business and we understand your propane needs.  When you choose Enviro Gas, you can focus on your business and leave the fuel that powers it to us.

Your farm might already use propane extensively, or maybe not at all, but whatever applications you are considering, we can help. From flame weeding to greenhouse heating to complex bespoke systems, we’ve seen it all.

Flame Weeding

Flame weeding (often referred to as flaming) has long been an effective method to rid your crops of weeds, by heating up the weed through a handheld or tractor mounted torch you denature it – damaging the very cells that the weed is composed of. Typically this can be done after seeds are planted but before the crop emerges. The advantages are obvious, no use of harsh chemicals on your crops, a rapid affordable solution and providing nutritional carbon.

Crop Drying

Propane is a preferred fuel for crop drying (corn, in particular).  How much drying is needed is determined by the moisture content of your crop and timing. Propane supply levels also hugely vary with how much agricultural propane is being used and this demand can also have an effect on retail and commercial propane prices. Ensuring your have a reliable propane supplier is essential to any larger agricultural operation. Propane is the fuel of choice for grain & fruit drying as propane is non-toxic, highly portable, easy to store and readily accessible. Coupled with low emissions and without the disadvantages of gasoline / diesel (turning rancid over time & dangerous nature of leaks) propane is an easy choice for the modern farmer.

Livestock Buildings

For a reliable, affordable option to heat your livestock buildings turn to propane. Propane heaters can be supplied as portable units, wall-mountable or suspended from above. Typically they are more energy efficient than electrical / central heating options and have a longer lifespan, are cheaper and more reliable.

You can also use propane for water heating, which is a much more efficient option than electrical heaters.

Irrigation Engines

Millions of acres of farmland across the US are irrigated by propane powered irrigation engines. Every year more farmers turn to propane to power their pumps turning away from conventional fuel sources to more cost-efficient, reliable, and environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Greenhouse Heating

As propane is a clean burning fuel it’s ideal for use in greenhouses, space heaters powered by propane are convenient and affordable. Enviro Gas can supply wall-mountable, ceiling suspended or portable space heating units for your farm.

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