Help with your bill

LEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance) is a federally funded but state run energy assistance program – it provides cash assistance to help Coloradans with low income pay their energy bills. Around 100,000 Coloradans apply for the LEAP program each year, on average resulting in over $300 for each household. It typically runs from November to December to help when costs are higher due to inclement weather.

Do I Qualify?

To qualify for LEAP, your income cannot be more than 165 percent of the federal poverty level – as this level varies from year to year we recommend you find the information on this directly from the Colorado Office of Economic Security. They are responsible for administering the LEAP program and will determine your eligibility and there are several factors to account for:

  • Do you pay home heating costs to a landlord or utility company?
  • Are you a permanent resident of the United States and a Colorado resident, or do you have household members that are?
  • Can you provide proof of your lawful residency (License, Identification Card, Military ID, Tribal Document)?
  • Is your family household income below 165% of the federal poverty index?

If you can answer yes to all of the above, it’s likely that you are eligible.

For the latest information on the Colorado Low-Income Energy Assistance program, we recommend you check our the dedicated website here.