Leak Checks

Enviro Gas requires a leak test for any service interruption as spelled out in NFPA 54 (2006), 8.2.3.
“Immediately after the gas is turned on into a new system or into a system that has been initially restored after an interruption of service, the piping system shall be tested for leakage. If leakage is indicated, the gas supply shall be shut off until the necessary repairs have been made”
The gas plumbing in your house or building is pressure and leak tested at the time of installation to insure against any leaks. Once the system is put into service there is a constant pressure on all the lines fittings an appliances. When a propane gas system is taken out of service these pipes, fittings, and control valves on appliances can “relax” which might cause a leak.

Service interruptions include:
• Out of Gas
• Adding appliances to the gas system
• Removing appliances from a gas system
• Cut or broken gas line

Leak testing will make sure you, your family , and employees are safe. Any leaks at the time of the test must be repaired before the system is put back into service. Not only will leak testing keep you safe it is required by code.

Out of Gas!
Oops, you forgot to check your propane level and ran out of gas. No doubt is very cold outside. The temperature doesn’t effect the fact that your system must still be leak checked by a qualified service person. Leak checks are never convenient but required by law. Please check your gauge at least once a month, more in the colder months. In addition, someone 18 years old or older must be available to allow our service techs access to re-light any pilot lights and to make sure any auto ignition systems are functioning properly. How Do I check My Propane Tank

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