Propane tanks from Enviro Gas

Enviro Gas carries propane tanks ranging in size from 120 to 1,000 gallons. Our extensive stock of tanks allows for quick installation and setup for new customers – whether you’re replacing an existing propane tank or making the switch to propane.

The typical usage of a home can vary, however, a 500-gallon tank is a great fit for most homes. If your home is larger than average, or you’re lucky and have a swimming pool then you may require a larger tank. Our agricultural and commercial customers sometimes need larger tanks to meet their higher demand. One of our helpful team members will be able to visit you in evaluation of your propane needs.  Our propane expert will take into account your propane using appliances, the layout and size of your home, your family’s size and lifestyle, and other considerations to ensure we provide a propane tank that best serves your needs.

Our expert will also help with any queries regarding the type of tank you require, including the best place to locate the tank and whether an underground tank would be a good fit for your needs.

Maintaining Your Tank

One of the key benefits of getting a tank from Enviro Gas is the hands-off, hassle-free service you get with it. We’ll maintain your tank and keep it operating efficiently and looking great. We take pride in every tank we provide (after all, they have our name on them) and regularly repaint our tanks and perform convenient routine maintenance to ensure you have uninterrupted service.

Understanding Your Propane Tank

Propane tanks can seem complex at first, but they’re a really simple bit of tech that just works. As part of your tank installation we’ll supply a simple guide to using your tank, we’ve highlighted some useful information below.

Your Tank Gauge

The gauge on your tank is what’s known as a ‘Liquid Level Gauge’ – this tells you the percentage of fuel you have remaining. Typically, this gauge is easily accessible and can often be found on the top surface of the tank. The gauge/meter will have indicators in a circle next to it and is easy to read. If the arrow points to 57, then your tank is 57 percent full. To put that into context, if you have a 500-gallon tanks, that means you would have 285 gallons left.

Please note: Tank gauges don’t take into account the temperature of the fuel inside (unlike our delivery trucks) so this meter only provides an estimate of your fuel level. You can take readings from it to determine your estimated fuel level and usage, but it shouldn’t be relied on for anything beyond that.

Your Tank Valve
It’s easy to halt or resume the flow of propane from your tank.  Just locate the main valve (usually located just under the tank lid) to turn the supply off then you rotate it clockwise (just like a faucet) and to turn it on, turn it anti-clockwise.

New Building Tank Set

All new installations are performed by our trained and experienced technicians. Our installations are performed with a convenient tank set window of 2-7 days. Our team are here to help by:

  • Assessing your propane needs to help choose the most suitable tank
  • Identifying the best location to set up your tank
  • Installing sniffers and gas detectors
  • Digging trenches for your propane lines
  • Providing all the important safety information you need

Tank Switch Out

If you’re switching your service to Enviro Gas, we’ll provide you with the best quality equipment, maintenance and support. We’ll also throw in a free, thorough propane safety check to give you peace of mind – at absolutely no cost.

Customer Owned Tank (COT)

If you own your tank, it’s easy for you to become one of our happy customers. Our driver will perform a propane system safety check before completing your first delivery – we just need someone home for this simple check as they need to document your propane appliances. After this first check we’ll be able to refill your tank without anyone being present.

Dispenser Propane Units

Do you need a propane dispenser unit? We have extensive experience in the propane dispenser market and work with partners all over Denver to provide a convenient, reliable and affordable service through our Cycling Exchange Program. Our DPU service includes:

  • Modern and well maintained equipment
  • Regular employee safety training and certification
  • Wireless tank monitor to ensure you never run out
  • 24/7 service on your equipment
  • Marketing and promotional support
  • Courteous delivery personnel
  • All services compliant with federal, state and local government regulations

Temporary Heating

We can meet your temporary heating demands, from large building projects to correctional facilities and everything in  between. From single tanks to multiple 1000+ gallon tanks our team are on hand to help. Our service includes:

  • All permits completed for you
  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Wireless, remote tank monitoring
  • Crash Protection
  • All additional products (hoses, fittings, regulators)
  • Rapid installation for all demand sizes
  • Fleet of vehicles regularly available for supply and installation
  • Automatic deliveries
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Competitive pricing based on volumes or fixed to winter / wholesale price for predictable budgeting
  • Extensive length of hose to ensure you can have heat where you need it
  • Heater sourcing assistance if required

To get started with a quote or to find out more information please ring one of our friendly team on 303-637-7873 or fill in our Get A Quote form.