Propane for inside and outside your home

Enviro Gas provides propane to hundreds of residences across Denver, including Larimer, Boulder, Weld, Adams, Araphoe, Elbert, Douglas Counties and beyond. We know how important it is to find a reliable, friendly supplier to ensure your home is never without the propane it needs.

Your home is much more than a house, it’s a place full of memories and more of those are being made all the time. Your energy supply should be a silent partner, something in the background that you never have to worry about. You never want a great day ruined by a poor, unreliable, unreachable supplier – and that’s why we’re here for you 24/7. We’re your neighbours, your kids go to school with our kids, we’ve passed each other on the street. We know how important your energy supply is, whether you’re using it to heat your home or host a family cookout. We’ll never let you down, period.

Using propane in your home

Propane is such a versatile, reliable fuel it’s used across the home (indoors and outdoors) for lots of different applications – from your laundry to your cooking, propane can help.

Propane Water Heaters

Who doesn’t love a hot bath or shower? With propane you can have all the hot water you can handle – all whilst saving money and the planet. Propane water heaters are efficient, high performance systems that reduce your carbon footprint. Some of the advantages of a propane powered water heater versus a traditional electric or oil heating unit:

  • Cheaper – propane water heaters use less energy at a lower cost, saving you money – in fact you could save over $150/year in energy costs.
  • Better for the environment – propane water heaters emit less carbon dioxide than their traditional counterparts
  • Takes up less room – a propane heater takes up around 20% less space than a comparable electric unit
  • Endless supply – if you opt for a tankless unit you’ll only be heating water when you need it

Propane Fireplaces

A propane fireplace is a vast improvement on a traditional fireplace – no logs, better for the environment, more heat and safer for you and your family. Here’s a quick run down of all the advantages offered by a propane fireplace:

  • Convenient to use – power or no power, a propane fireplace just works, turn on the gas and enjoy the real flame warming your home
  • Energy efficient – a propane fireplace has 6 times the heating capacity of a log-burning fireplace.
  • Real flame – you can’t get the warmth of a real flame from an electric fireplace, but you can with propane.
  • Environmentally friendly – propane fires produce fewer emissions and less carbon monoxide than an electric or wood fireplace

Propane Generators

Losing power should never be a concern, however when storms come we can’t help but worry. A propane standby generator is there when you need it, offering the peace of mind that you’ll never be without power when you need it.

  • Rapid – as soon as your power is interrupted your propane generator starts working in as little as 10 seconds
  • Lasting – you could happily rely on your propane generator from a single tank for up to 5 days
  • Quiet – you won’t notice the quiet hum of the propane generator powering your home in the background
  • Ready – propane doesn’t degrade so you know its ready when you need it most

Propane Dryers

A propane clothes dryer is the perfect laundry companion, drying clothes faster and more efficiently whilst saving you money. Innovation doesn’t stop at the cost saving though, modern propane dryers don’t need a pilot light, have moisture sensors, drying cycles, steam cycles, in-built lighting and more.

  • Cost saving – 20% lower energy costs compared with a traditional electric dryer
  • Efficient – faster drying times and useful steam cycles to relax wrinkles, meaning less ironing for you
  • Wide range – large, small, modern, traditional – propane dryers are designed to suit you
  • Innovative – in-drum lights, moisture sensors and no pilot lights
  • Environmental – a propane dryer reduces your carbon footprint significantly over an electric

Propane Room / Space Heaters

Propane space heaters offer convenient heat where and when you need it. They’re portable, versatile and safe for your home – even working during electric outages to ensure you’re never without heat.

  • Versatile – freestanding or mountable space heaters can be put where you need them and are easily moved.
  • Reliable – they offer a consistent source of heat, even if you have no electrical power
  • Energy efficient – a high level of energy efficiency means consistent, higher heat for you
  • Easier maintenance – propane heaters are simple and are affordable to repair

Propane Furnaces

Propane furnaces are a flexible home heating solution, available in a wide range they are a great fit for different sizes and types of home and building. They also offer other advantages over their counterparts:

  • Hotter – propane furnaces heat air to a much warmer temperature than electric heat pumps
  • More efficient – you’ll convert more of the fuel you pay for into energy with a propane furnace
  • Durable – propane furnaces have a longer life span than their counterparts
  • Environmental – propane furnaces output less carbon dioxide and particulate emissions

Propane Ranges & Cookers

Propane is loved by professional and amateur chef alike, with a well-founded reputation for consistent temperature and greater control. Ensure your food is cooked to perfection by using propane:

  • Money saving – propane cookers are cheaper to run than electric
  • Precise – they also offers greater temperature control and more even heating
  • Rapid – start cooking right away, as soon as the gas is on, the heat is too
  • Convenient – they are easy to install with flexible tubing as standard
  • Environmental – propane ranges have lower carbon emissions than electric

Propane Fire Pits & Outdoor Fireplaces

Safe, hassle-free and convenient, a propane fire-pit or fireplace offers all the advantages of a traditional fireplace with none of the inconveniences. No need to chop & haul wood, stoke the fire or wait for the fire to die down before it’s safe. A propane fireplace comes on and goes off instantly – ready for your s’mores!

  • Flexible – portable or installed in location, it’s up to you
  • Real – real flames without the hassle, no mess and little maintenance
  • Cheaper – logs are expensive, propane isn’t, it’s that simple.
  • Environmental – propane burns clean, logs don’t, less bad particles too!

Propane Patio Heaters

As it gets colder outside, many of us turn to propane heaters. These convenient, portable heaters are safe, powerful and cheap to run. You can enjoy your outside space more as the seasons change and really make the most of your space.

  • Wide reaching – propane heaters can cover a 20-foot radius with warmth
  • Powerful – raise the temperature by up to 30 degrees with propane
  • Flexible – mobile heaters can be moved where you want them
  • Convenient – with little maintenance, these heaters will last year after year

Outdoor Kitchens

Propane is the fuel of choice for outdoor appliances, with most outdoor kitchens being powered by propane you’re in good company. Powered by your home’s propane supply, an outdoor kitchen makes for easy entertaining whether you’re a hot-dog king, a burger barista or a steak savant.

  • Social – a propane powered outdoor kitchen is a great social space to use throughout the year
  • Valuable – highly desirable, an outdoor kitchen will increase the value of your home
  • Affordable – propane is a fantastic and affordable source of energy and propane fueled appliances are often cheaper than their counterparts.

Propane Grills

Okay we’ve harped on about how great propane is for cooking enough! If you’re going to use a grill outdoors (like 75% of Americans) then you’ll want to make sure it’s propane, cleaner, hotter and cheaper – need we say more?

  • Instant – instantly turn off and on, no struggling to light your coals
  • Cleaner – less soot and emissions than coal
  • Convenient – easy to clean without soot and ash making a mess
  • Hotter – up to 75% more heat than charcoal

Pools & Spas

Propane is the best way to heat your pool, it’s faster, costs less and is easy to set up either from your existing network or a new supply. Whether your oasis is indoors, outdoors, a pool or a spa – choose propane for complete peace of mind.

  • Cheaper – heating with propane costs less than heating with electricity
  • Faster – warm your pool in no time, up to 2 degrees a minute
  • Convenient – warm your pool when you need it, don’t waste money on it when you don’t.

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