Reasons to choose propane:

  • Propane is clean burning and non-toxic
  • It’s reliable and plentiful
  • American made and supported
  • Affordable to consumers and businesses alike
  • Safe, strict legislation keeps propane safe

Propane powers businesses and homes alike across America, it’s an essential part of the our countries energy ecosystem. Supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs and utilising a bi-product of existing refining processes. It’s a safe, clean gas and has wide uses across all sectors, from education powering our school busses to agricultural heating of livestock. Whether you use propane to power your home or your business, you can be sure you’re making a great choice.


In the 1990 Clean Air Act, propane is listed as an approved and clean fuel. By choosing propane over less clean fuels like gasoline, diesel or fuel oil you’re making a clean choice that benefits you and the environment through less greenhouse gas emission (carbon dioxide) and less toxic air pollution.


Propane is readily available and reliable – a constant supply from Enviro Gas means you never have to worry about fuel shortages, cost hikes due to wholesale bulk barrel prices increasing or supply chain issues.


All of our propane is produced right here in the United States. In fact, worldwide almost 90% of all propane is produced in the US. Powering millions of American homes in an economical, reliable and safe way.


Propane is produced as a by product of the oil & gas processing industries, over 9 billion gallons of Propane are produced each year in the US, with supply outpacing demand you can be sure we’ll always have propane for you at a moments notice.


Propane is a much more efficient fuel, meaning you get more energy for your money – propane appliances also last longer and need less repairs, saving you even more money in the long run.


Propane has a remarkable safety record, most of which can be accredited to the professional industry built up around propane. With strict safety codes and preventative programs all of our customers enjoy a healthy & safe environment.

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